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Updates on our Cyber Ninja Hero!

Hello everyone, and happy labor day! We dedicate this post to our amazing, hard-working artists helping make this comic book possible! We've made some exciting progress with the colors. Unfortunately our artist had a medical issue and was incapacitated for some time. It seems art and health issues are often intertwined. However, Marcelo is doing better and is getting back into the game!

Here's where we're at right now:

Script (Final Draft) 34/60

Inked Pages: 6/60 Colored Pages: 5/60

Lettering: 0/60

And because you're so cool, here are a few more teasers, including some colored panels, and a full page!

We hope you enjoyed these previews! We will be showcasing more as the work is developed!

If you like what you see, go check out our awesome, supportive affiliate, Ekari!

Also, be sure to follow us on our social media pages! Facebook:

Instagram: @chainlinkproductions_ig


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