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Words have great power. They evoke emotions, memories, and they engulf you into many different fantasies. Let's make those words count!

My name is Michael Persin. I have over 15 years of literary experience. I've written multiple creative, unpublished pieces. I have published a comic book called "Shotgun Jane" back in 2015, and I am currently progressing a fantasy novel.


Many writers and proofreaders tend to focus on the work on its face value. I, however, expand that way of thinking by focusing on your target audience. I want to make sure your piece strikes your audience to the core! If you answer the questions sincerely, we shall make your piece absolutely stellar! 

Example Services include:

  • Novels

  • Screenplays

  • News Articles

  • Advertisements

  • And more...

If you're ready to take your literature to a whole other level, fill out the form below and lets get started!

Pricing Plans:

Basic Proofreading

  • Minor Fixes

  • Professional Critique

  • Grammar and Spelling corrections

  • Up to 1000 words

Standard Proofreading

  • Includes all Basic Plan options

  • Up to 1500 words

  • Includes 1 Free Revision


Premium Proofreading

  • Includes all Basic plan options

  • Up to 2 revisions

  • Up to 2500 words



  • +500 Words: $5

  • Additional Revision: $15

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