Turning the world on its head, through the power of words and pen strokes.


Chainlink Productions is a growing network of creative people, aiming to tackle all avenues of media. We are currently seeking more artists, writers, voice talent, music sound artists, animators, and more to develop both inspiring and unique content to the world.

Growing our team, our goal is to establish a strong foothold into the realms of comics and manga, literature, and even music and animation.

To accomplish this, we vow to uphold these core values and beliefs:

  • Freedom of Speech

  • Quality above all

  • Strive to inspire our audience

  • Bring Fresh and new stories, art, and ideas into sure

  • Treating our audience, and our own team, with utmost honor and respect

  • Transparency

  • Staying core to these values no matter how big we grow!


Thank you for visiting Chainlink Productions. We look forward to creating amazing things !