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Join our Crew!

Chainlink Productions is seeking more talented artists, writers, vloggers, and all sorts of creative talent! Together we will collaborate and support each other, as well as building our own network up. As of now, we will involve you in various types of projects, such as:

  • Comics/Manga

  • Artwork

  • Books/E-Books

  • and more

Right now, we are seeking the following:

  • Artists

  • Writers

  • Vloggers

  • Marketing/Networking Specialists

  • Site Admins

At this time, all positions are currently voluntary, with opportunities to earn with collaborative projects and through networking. Chainlink Productions seeks to expand its business to the point where we will be able to provide a stable, yet generous income for its hard-working partners and employees. This will take time, but all great things have a beginning!

Currently, joining our team will allow you to showcase your best works on our site, as well as network support for your freelance work. You will also be a point of contact for others in our team to provide collaborative opportunities for various kinds of projects.


Here is a summary of our future goals for growth:

  • Offering paid full time positions with benefits, prioritizing our volunteers first

  • Publishing and physical media distribution

  • Animation Productions

  • Corporate office with an animation studio

  • Delve into film and music media

If you wish to join our crew, you may fill out the form below!

Join Our Crew!
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