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Indie Comic Recommendation: Blood Count

A vampire super hero? Sounds like an oxymoron. Well this ancient vampire wakens up in an era where super heroes flourish. Today's indie comic recommendation is from Star Cross Comics called "Blood Count".

First Impressions: Premise: Blood Count blends elements of the super hero genre with horror. The anti-hero is an ancient vampire that can suck super powers from other heroes. From the preview, it seems he wishes to redeem himself by becoming the city's newest super hero in a corrupt city of Ironrock. It's not often do you see a "vampire super hero", and frankly it is quite a wonderful change of pace. Not too much of the story is revealed here, but the premise is very fascinating.


The costume design of Blood Count is very well done, and much deserved for a vampire super hero. The fusion of the super hero and horror elements blend fantastically in his design.

The overall artwork is also well done so far! The lighting and atmosphere feel intense. The emotional stress on the characters fighting are also well captured.

If this sounds like something up your alley, go ahead and check out their IndieGogo Page! You can check out their campaign here!

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