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We say NO! to the Vaccine!

There has been a huge push to make the Covid vaccine mandatory in the workplace. Places around Europe are pushing people to get vaccinated before they can even enter a place of business. We find these restrictions not only a violation of our freedoms, but also a violation of our privacy to our personal health information!

Chainlink Productions is still a small, remote business. We are growing every day, and eventually will have physical offices. When we reach this point, our business will never require a vaccine, nor will we require masks in the workplace. We believe these mandates create a divisive environment that segregates people by their conscious health choices.

We believe everyone has a right to decide what is best for their body. We believe everyone has the right for themselves to weigh the risks and rewards of their decisions. We also believe everyone would choose to stay home if they are sick, and that we don't have to force people to show proof of their good health. Our business will continue growing, and some of our policies will change. However, we will not stray from these principles outlined in this post. Years from now, if you experience anyone trying to force these types of rules at our place of work, remind them of this post, by it's founder. And, if Chainlink Productions ever strays away from these principles, you have the absolute right to bankrupt this business. If your place of work is trying to push you to wear masks or get a vaccine, please visit Frontline Doctors at:


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