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Updates: Social Media Transitioning, Comic Reviews, and New Comics

Hello everyone, It's been a hectic year hasn't it? In the wake of all the craziness happening in the world I wish to provide you an update regarding several topics. But first I wish to apologize for the lack of interaction. But our silence doesn't mean that nothing has been happening! In fact, we have an exciting new project to announce! But first, let's go down the line of what we'll be updating you on today. Social Media Transitioning

As you may know, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others have amped up their censorship game quite a bit. Regardless of their intentions, their platforms no longer will be serving us. Come December, we will be closing our pages on Facebook and Twitter and we will be moving fully on Parler. Note that Parallell News will be transitioning at a later date, as Parler currently requires an unused cell phone number which we do not have access to at this time, nor do we wish to invest in a non-VOIP based number. (Which is unfortunate, but so be it.)

This will lead me to my next point. Comic Reviews

The review is written. And some recordings have been made. However, I do not feel confident enough to upload a whole video to be entertaining. So, by next Monday I will be posting the comicbook review for Earthworm Jim in written form. A second reason behind this reasoning is that I do not wish Chainlink Productions to start uploading content onto YouTube, given their major policy issues and censorship just like we've faced with Twitter and Facebook. If Chainlink Productions were to upload video content, we want it on a platform right for us (one which we are still in development, but due to COVID progress has been stunted unfortunately.)

New Comics

There is an unannounced comicbook project which we have been working on. We even have an Ashcan ready! In fact some have already viewed it and provided helpful criticism! Unfortunately, the scope of this comicbook was too big and we've decided to scale back and work on something more manageable and more cost-effective. This comicbook (or manga) would've been over 200+ pages, and taken much more man-power and time to complete. Instead, we are doing a ~60 page (or less) comicbook project. This will be an exciting launch of our Super Hero stories we will be . The script is currently being written and is in its early stages at this time. This decision we feel we will be able to have a complete product for all of you!

Again, it is my most humble apologies for our lack of communication. While 2020 was hell for a lot of us, lets make 2021 a year of glory!

Also, don't forget to check out our affiliate artist's RedBubble Page!


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