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The Hollywood Celebrity is Dead

I'm sure you've heard of the news regarding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Amber has been ordered to pay Johnny $15 Million for defamation. The lies she told the world nearly destroyed his career and made it difficult for true female victims of abuse to be believed. There has been an article written by The Wrap titled "Johnny Depp Just Killed the Hollywood Celebrity (With a Little help from Will Smith)" . The author wrote: "Today, celebrities are getting in touch with their inner demons and melting down in front of the whole world. And, frankly, it’s becoming increasingly painful — even nauseating — to watch."

It's no secret that celebrities are fallible people, likely more so than the average Joe. You've heard the phrase "never meet your heroes." When you reach a certain level of fame and wealth, it is tempting to throw out common decency. For years celebrities have been capable of getting away with horrendous acts, often illegal acts. Before, it was no secret that Hollywood was infested with drug and sex parties. Actors can easily disassociate with who they are with who they're supposed to act as in their current roles, which may make it easier for them to be susceptible to ill-begotten behaviors. Brittney Spears's famous meltdown, for example, was an early example of how toxic Hollywood celebrity culture truly is (and thankfully has finally escaped the abusive relationship of her father.) What about actual crimes, such as child sex crimes like the one R. Kelly committed back in 2002, who served no jail time? In 1995, Snoop Dog was arrested for 1st and 2nd degree murder of a rival gang member, and served no jailtime. To this day it is still an issue, especially since the US Federal Government refuses to acknowledge the list of rich, wealthy, and famous who flew to Epstein's Island, which speculates to include then president Bill Clinton. However, now we have reached a point where society finally decides to truly hold people in fame and power accountable, at least on a social level. It is no doubt that Hunter Biden's laptop has left a permanent stain on Joe Biden's presidency. Amber Heard has been found guilty of slander and libel. Will Smith has shown his true colors and his failure of a marriage, and his assault on Chris Rock was found to be disgraceful. In the anime community, Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi was deemed to be just as bad as Amber Heard when it came to false allegations, and lost many of their fans as a result of their horrific treatment of Vic Mignonga. So what has changed? Thanks to the lockdowns of 2020, people weren't as able of going to theatres, and celebrities certainly had to cope with taking less money as a result. Their job security under this pressure certainly has bled into their lives and into our view. There has also been a change in the zeitgeist where these types of behaviors became much less acceptable. For instance, parents became furious over Disney's push to indoctrinate predatory ideas onto children, yet certain celebrities and institutions pushed for it, which quickly became a black hole for their funds. The "MeToo" movement has been in a rapid decline since the false allegations were made against Vic Mignonga, but may have officially died thanks to Johnny Depp. For years people were quick to jump to conclusions because of emotion. However, with lies and deceit becoming uncovered even more rapidly than ever, discernment is becoming the next hot trend. The events involving Jonny and Will, and how people are now scrutinizing celebrity culture, are just more proof that celebrity worship has died.

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