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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Come see the premiere of a new fantasy novel!

Chainlink Productions is proud to announce the reveal of a one of a kind fantasy novel by the name of Mage Hunter!

Mage Hunter is about a warrior and civil servant who leads a guild to hunt down delinquent spell casters. In this story, magic has unlimited possibilities, and potentially an infinite amount of danger, hence why the Mage Hunter's guild was formed. Tychon, a half-elf, half-orc hunter, is authorized by the king to hunt down a nefarious group of necromancers, who are conspiring to take over the kingdom. Throughout his investigation, he allies himself with adventurers, explores treacherous dungeons and landscapes, and pushes his arcane knowledge and physical prowess to their limits to end this evil cult.

Come watch this video for a preview of the story!

This novel has been in the works for many months, and is currently undergoing a second draft. Upon completion, a soft cover and a hardback cover version will be made available to early backers! If you wish to support the release of the novel, you may do so by checking out the IndieGoGo link here:

For those who choose to, we appreciate your backing and will work hard to deliver you an amazing story!

Don't forget to check out our awesome, supportive affiliate, Ekari!

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