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Indie Comic Recommendation: Daym Drops!

The foodies are going to love this one! Not often do we see comics with such themes. Food, music, cars, hobbyists, all seem to be only a lightly touched subject matter for comic books. But it's always a welcoming twist to our viewing pleasure, and this one looks appetizing! Today, we will be looking at: Daym Drops by Antonio Brice and YouTuber, Daym Drops!

First Impressions: Premise: Daym Drops decided to have a comic made, partnering with Ikari Press to create this fun-looking comic where he gains super powers from eating food. The cover certainly was an eye catcher, watching Daym turn into a red hulking monster after passionately biting into a burger. This will certainly be a silly, action-packed, and ultimately fun comic book. Not often do we have a foodie super hero, and this is certainly a welcoming change of pace!

Art: The artwork is utterly fantastic! The colors and linework are done by real professionals. The action poses feel very imposing, and the character of Daym Drops in this comic is well drawn and designed. The clothing of DD's hulk form does a great job making him feel more intense, even if it's just his simple tank-top and jeans. It honestly does feel like a super hero costume.

Go ahead and go check out Daym Drops on IndieGogo!

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