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Happy Father's Day.

Father's day is here, and it is time to talk about the importance of father figures.

I feel this is an important topic to cover, because without strong, wise men to raise our sons and daughters, society would collapse. As time has shown, fathers are essential to growing a healthy son or daughter. Without them our kids are at greater risk of growing up with mental health issues or becoming violent criminals. Look at the sate of the US right now. We have weak men in leadership positions in government and in business, which has more than contributed to a collapse of our society and culture. Unfortunately, society and media culture have taken a rather toxic stance on fathers and masculinity as a whole. More children are fatherless than ever in the history of our nation. We can see the effects of this lack of fatherhood from the violent riots in 2020. We see it with our schools as our children become victims of horrific indoctrination. We see it in our video games and in our media as many feckless leaders fail to say 'no' to releasing the quality of the content we consume.

From my experience, as the author of this article, I've learned that I am proud to be the son of a wonderful father, who worked his ass off to feed and provide for the family he loves. I feel that he has done more for me than I can ever thank him for, including many things I've taken for granted. He spoiled me with lots of gifts, and he never missed a game I played no matter what sport I was in. In honesty, while I didn't adopt his work ethic, I've grown to appreciate all the labor and effort he has made. He wasn't a perfect man, and sure there were many more things I wanted from him besides physical gifts. But he's the best damn provider in the world.

Don't forget to show appreciation to your fathers. Be sure to give them a call and thank them.

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