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A New Platform is Needed

YouTube has been turning on its creators that originally made it a great platform. Your favorite channels are being demonetized left and right. If you noticed how many YouTubers strive to have you subscribe to their Patreon accounts or their personal video sponsorships, it's because YouTube has been removing ad revenue from these creators. You may also have noticed how they are trying to censor their own words to keep up with the algorithm. Because of all these factors, it's no longer a viable platform for people who wish to make a living producing video content. On top of all that, with policies being put in place next year, YouTube now gives you 1 of 2 options: Demonetize your videos because of less than "child friendly content".

Or, pay the FTC a hefty fine if caught declaring non-child friendly content "child friendly." YouTube not only is trying to act as parental figures, they even admit that content creators should lawyer up! How can creators possibly trust a platform that has heavily turned on them? That's why Chainlink Productions has teamed up with a Website Development team to create a new platform for all sorts of creators! Whether you are a music artist, a video creator, or love to paint, we will allow a multitude of files you may upload on our platform. With an ambitious goal, we wish to provide an honest, transparent, and a reliable platform that will support monetization for its userbase. While in the early stages of development, the website can be viewed at:

Do note that a new domain will replace the existing one.

Here is what our platform currently offers: - Upload any forms of content, including videos, audio, images, and word documents

- Connect with other creators, create and contribute together in Projects

- Message fellow creators and create group chats all within Chainlink

- Rate and comment on your favorite works

- Follow your favorite channels to get the latest updates

- Give updates to your loyal followers directly from your channel page

- Search for your favorite kind of content, as well as channels that provide content you see

Right now this website is in its infancy. We will soon be implementing the following features: - Multiple monetization options, both in advertising and from your followers

- Streaming Functionality

- Improved Customer Support

- Improved website performance and enhancements

- Analytics

- And More!

You can read more in the about page at: By all means, play around with the website and provide your feedback at:

We want to make this platform a powerful tool for you creators.


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