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A Return with more things to come

Hello loyal viewers!

President of Chainlink Productions, Michael, here with a long-awaited update. There's been quite a gap in communication which is completely my responsibility. There has been a lot going on I failed to include you all in. For that I deeply apologize. To be frank, communications is my weakest muscle, especially when it comes to marketing and blogging. It's highly taxing on my energy. It's as if my introverted nature bleeds into the online realm. If I had the financial capital I would hire a competent social media guru to handle this type of work so I can focus on my comics and other business related projects (and would need a website manager to update the website as needed...) I'd happily accept unpaid interns in the meantime! (Just kidding...unless...) Anyways, Digitorium's progress is slow yet steady. We currently have 14 pages completely colored. We yet to start the lettering process but we should be able to kickstart that process soon. However, the finalized script is completed!!! Huzzah! Want a preview of our comic? Here, enjoy!

We'll tease some more later. Meanwhile, our affiliate Ekari has taken on some exciting new ventures into designing outfits for VR! We will be promoting her work on Etsy and Booth as well! Further more, we are also now on Gettr! Check us out using the links below.

Habits are easy to break, yet difficult to form. I know this isn't the first time this blog went under the radar (and might not be the last, at least not until we acquire a dedicated team.) I appreciate the patience you all have given us so far. Once this comic is completed, we will be using every ounce of profit to prop-up this clunky business venture and turn it into a well-oiled machine!

Don't forget to check out our awesome, supportive affiliate, Ekari!

Also, be sure to follow us on our social media pages!


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