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Why is Art Important?

Earlier this month we talked about freedom of speech and it's importance in art. It's not often thought about. You look at it every day without noticing for the most part. From the most well-known logos of your favorite products and companies, to even the design and layout of the website you're viewing right now. There is an artist behind what you see in most of your day to day life, often one that's underappreciated, and grossly underestimated.

Art influences every aspect of our life, and that's what we're going to explore today.

If it weren't for an artist, you wouldn't have:

- Bought that Video Game, Comic Book, or product

- Clicked away from that website

- Clicked on that video on YouTube

- Bought that house decoration

- Worn that shirt

There are a lot of contributions we owe artists that we don't realize. Art gives us color, perspective, and inspiration. They are the reasons you buy the things you buy. They are the reasons why you watch the shows or movies you watch. They design packaging, logos, websites, the thumbnails on your favorite YouTube videos, almost everything your eyes lay on in our industrialized word there's an artist behind it. The talent and skills of artists help move billions of dollars on a daily basis and help influence decisions of everyone worldwide.

Unfortunately, artists tend to go underappreciated, unrecognized, and often undercompensated, even though we eye their works everyday. Unlike scientists or network engineers whos work may also go unnoticed, a lot of artists tend to struggle making ends meat, (hence the phrase, "starving artist.) Why is that? Even though a huge chunk of what our eyes lay on are the result of talented artists, some claim art isn't "essential." This is a gross underestimation of these talented creators. McDonalds wouldn't have their 3 arches without an artist and would be completely unrecognizable. You wouldn't have The Avengers if it weren't for the works of artists. These designers and creators use their talents to bring an identity to businesses and products. The other issue lies in job demand. Because of an imbalance of demand for artists, and the abundant supply of artists in the world, it's more enticing for artists to demand less as long as they get something. Imagine how much money they can make if, say, the artists behind the designs of Legend of Zelda earned even a fraction of a percentage in royalties for every toy or video game sold. So why is art important?

Art provides us an escape from reality. This escape gives us a break and is often a source of inspiration of innovative ideas.

It also grants an identity that distinguishes your favorite businesses and products.

But as important, art prevents us from getting bored. It fuels our emotions and brightens up our world. It breathes life into the work we do everyday. It pleases our eyes so our daily lives become less strenuous.

It prevents things from becoming repetitive, predictable, and boring. However, unfortunately it seems a trend of 'simplicity' is currently affecting our modern world.

Will this trend continue? We'll explore that on a later date.

So be sure to pay your artists!

We at Chainlink Productions, when we grow more and more, vow to generously compensate the hard-working artists and creative talent that decides to join our team for our various projects! Don't forget to check out our awesome, supportive affiliate, Ekari!

Also, be sure to follow us on our social media pages! Facebook:

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