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We are in World War 3, and it's really the Meme War

Since the release of the the Corona virus from a Chinese bio lab, we have been in a third world war. We were attacked with this engineered virus, followed by derelict leaders and their corrupt policies, and most devastatingly a collusion of media companies censoring and pushing real disinformation. There is no clear-cut "enemy" in this war. However we are winning this war thanks to one thing: memes.

Memes have been the single most powerful weapon in our arsenal to combat legacy media and big tech. Sure we can post links to articles and write comments and posts. However, memes have this special power that really rallies people together. Memes spread truth in a unique, simple, and entertaining way. Humor combined with relatability are the elements that make memes extremely powerful. In a globalized world that is facing ever-increasing censorship, confusion, and hopelessness, memes are the anti-establishment weapon of choice.

Memes have existed since the early years of the internet, and some historians debate on memes predating the internet. Regardless they have been a quick, fun way to entertain people throughout the web space. Throughout most of our internet's history, memes were mainly used to share humor in a mindless fashion. However, thanks to censorship efforts on behalf of Big-Tech, these memes are now portraying more truths while still maintaining their humor and entertainment value.

While the anons of the internet have been amping up their meme game in this war, Big Tech certainly has not been relenting. Since 2016, there has been a steady increase of deplatforming, suspensions, and overall censorship across Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, which has amped up drastically in 2020. Their tools do not stop at censorship though.

Twitter is recently under scrutiny for their synthetic accounts since Elon Musk cancelled his offer to buy the company. Now both Twitter and Elon Musk are part of a dramatic lawsuit. Twitter currently is withholding its number of bot accounts and Elon Musk is trying to expose it. Many argue these bot accounts have been maliciously used to manipulate public opinion and manufacture consensus regarding various issues. Many speculate other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are employing similar tactics. Thanks to advancements in AI technology, it currently is difficult to verify whether certain conversations, comments, or opinions are held by real people. Will this censorship effort, piled on with phony user accounts be enough for Big Tech to suppress the voice of the people? With the emergence of alternative social media platforms like Gab, Gettr, and TruthSocial, along with the bleeding truth leaking onto these Big Tech platforms, it seems they're fighting a losing battle. More and more people are becoming skeptical with the credibility of established institutions such as the FBI and the CDC, and the trust in the US Government is at an all-time low. People are waking up to the problems caused by these influential people, all thanks to the power of memes and the power of the people in their ability to spread truth.

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