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The Mediocre Society Liberals are Forcing us into

Everyone should at least have a basic goal of trying to improve upon themselves. Improvement is essential to grow as a human being so you may be of better service not just unto others but unto yourself. Today's culture has become so warped to the point where improvement is considered "heresy". We've even had deranged people claim that important values like punctuality and critical thinking is either "racist" or "enablist." Today we're exploring the negative impact on this cultural shift and what we can do about it.

There has been a fantastic take from a small town lawyer from central Minnesota discussing the problems at Blizzard. Nick Rekeita's video below inspired the creation of this article, covering the issues plaguing the content industry as a whole.

In discussing the issue with Blizzard, Nick talks about how the company was founded by nerdy hobbyists trying to make something fantastic. Hobbyists who were formerly bullied for their love of video games. As times have changed and how video games have become a staple of the content industry, there has been this estranged and divisive push to (ironically) be inclusive to everyone. This unfortunately means inclusive to people who are the antithesis of video game success.

Blizzard has fallen as a company because they prioritized this "inclusivity" culture above their audience. Instead of hiring competent talent into their ranks, they focused on ticking boxes for race and gender identity. This priority has been devastatingly exacerbated not just in Blizzard but throughout the entire industry, from Wizards of the Coast to Disney. This crazed push for inclusivity has warped historically brilliant games, movies, and shows to cater to even the most niche audiences (audiences which these titles never intended to target in the first place.) The key point I want to highlight in Nick's video is about 10 minutes in, when he's reading an article from the LA Times about a woman who felt "disenfranchised' because female characters in World of Warcraft looked like "Victoria Secret" models. When this woman complained to a panel of Blizzard employees, their response was to joke about looking at other catalogues, in an attempt to remain politically correct. Nick responds on this comment: "You know what the answer should have been? 'You should try to look like the Victoria's Secret Model."

In short, the Liberals, Social Justice Warriors, Leftists, etc. all have the same issue. They are unable to look within themselves to find and resolve problems, and this inability pushes them to force your standards to change in order to meet their mediocrity. They attack, corrupt, destroy, and completely demonetize the artistic visions of geniuses because they cannot amount to anything (nor do they even try.) Any effort to do so is seen as an insult or an injustice. This is how cultures die. We should not accept mediocrity because a group of people struggle to find and work towards being their best self. So what do we do? The problem with these people is they have gone soft. They cannot function under stress. To bring our society out of this ditch, we need to teach our children how to handle pressure and solve problems so they will not grow up acting like entitled adult children. As for the current generation of these spoiled adult children, it's time to say NO to them. We cannot continue lending our consent to their every demand. It's time to acknowledge most of their demands as unreasonable. Sure, it has gotten to the point where they will kick, cry, scream, and try to doxx anyone who disagrees with them through the internet. But we cannot yield any further or else we will lose more valuable talent to the culture crisis they have made.

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