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The Importance of Free Speech

We wish to celebrate the 4th of July, as it marks a very important for us who are living in America. This day marks the anniversary of our nation freeing ourselves from tyrants. While our nation is objectively in a poor state, arguably facing another set of tyrants more nefarious than the British at the time, we'll still celebrate this day, regardless of mandates or pandemics. Independence day granted us the freedom of choice and helped us discover our rights as free men that no government can take away (as long as we're willing to fight for it!)

One of these important rights is the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech allows us to express ourselves without any governing body telling us what we can and cannot express. It allows us to pray and meditate (or choose not to.) It lets us draw whatever our imagination sees. It allows us to use our voice to speak anything on our mind.

It is important that we protect this freedom because there will always be people who will disagree, or find something unfavorable. If we silence one person for what they say, it sets us on a path to censor you as well. Now we're not talking about speech that may violate other people's the right to the pursuit of happiness (defamation, slander, etc.) We're talking strictly about speech that makes you uncomfortable, or speech you merely disagree with.

Imagine you're arrested for having a flag. Imagine you're arrested because you voice your concerns about what your children are being taught in school. This is the unfortunate state of America we're currently in. There's this gross attempt by the government, conspiring with media companies to persecute, silence, and punish anyone who identifies as conservative. In the last 4 years alone we've seen a viscous attempt to silence the speech of Americans, even going so far as to ban President Trump from Twitter! Cancel culture has evolved to the point where giant media companies monopolized the internet space and became the "Ministry of Truth." They edit what you post. If they don't like it, they delete it and remove you using their special algorithms. You're masked online as you are during the lockdowns.

Even if you do not agree with conservatives, this should be alarming to you regardless. Because if this is allowed to target this specific group of people, then there's no restraints to target you. If our founding fathers were alive to see this going on, they would start a real uprising (unlike the January 6th "insurrection.")

We hate to be political with this particular issue. However, with the state of America as it is, it is too important to not repeat the mistakes of history, in the likes of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. If we lose this freedom, we lose our art, our inspiration, our voice. Your children will only be watching government approved programming. You won't be able to post anything online without a bureaucrat approving each post. Hell, until the mask mandates became lifted in most places, you weren't even allowed to show your god-damned smile! There's no better time than now to stir the pot. In fact, we need more people to reveal their "disruptive voices." If we fall complacent to any more of these restrictions, and fail to protest the monopolization of our webspace, we may lose our free speech forever.

Happy 4th of July Americans!


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