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No one wants to work. Here's why.

We were facing a great economic recovery despite the lockdowns and the pandemic. Thanks to President Trumps "Operation Warp Speed" we got a vaccine that was able to give us the ability to re-open without worrying about this pandemic. However, for some reason we are seeing a major slow-down in our recovery. Jobs are available, yet no one wants to go to work. This is currently devastating our economic outook.

So why is this happening? Since Donald Trump got us the vaccine before his term everywhere is reopening, right? Here's we explore why no one is going back to work.

Economic Stimulus disincentives people to job hunt. Andrew Yangs universal basic income may sound good on paper. However, the way these benefits are being applied only dissuade people from contributing to society. This, on top of the remaining reasons here, prevent employers from finding new people to hire.

Let it be known that this stimulus also gives the government more control over you. It can grow to a point where you can be denied basic income if you happen to disagree with certain political viewpoints, or even happen to post certain things online.

No one wants to work with Mask and Vaccine Mandates. Recently, Joe Biden announced a plan to get everyone vaccinated against Covid. The problem is no one wants to be forced to take this vaccine (if there is a real pandemic, why are so many willing to risk their jobs to avoid the shot?) Many businesses, especially in California and New York, were already pushing the vaccine onto people before this announcement. People do not trust these vaccines, and certainly do not trust the government trying to mandate it. In fact, there's a huge walk-out to protest these mandates going on, not just in America, but in France, Australia, and everywhere globally. How can a business expect to hire people and force them to take this shot?

Not only are these mandates unconstitutional, they also go against the Geneva Convention and would he considered a war crime. The only effect these mandates currently have is not at all relating to improving health conditions, but are only serving as a major power grab.

Government Forcing Businesses to Close. On day 1 of the Biden Administration, they shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Tens of thousands of workers were suddenly unemployed. At the height of the pandemic, governments forced most businesses to shut down. So when the government can just tell you your business is no longer "safe to operate", how can anyone work?

Critical Race Theory creating a hostile work environment. So many have been trying to justify critical race theory by virtue of helping minority groups. This grossly assumes all minorities are oppressed by Caucasians, and teaching this is in itself racist. Naturally, this causes unneeded tension between coworkers of different races.

A Cascade of Doubt and Uncertainty are causing mental and physical stress for would-be new hires. On top of everything listed here, stress, anxiety, and depression are major blockages that would prevent people from filling out employment applications. On top of this, when people are locked in their homes these mental health issues can emerge physically, creating even more difficulty in job hunting.

So what can we do as business owners to help alleviate these issues and ensure our businesses thrive with fresh talent? Say NO to government overreach. You need to be willing to stand up and fight for your rights on how you desire to conduct your business.

Stick together. Find other businesses, friends, and family who also have had enough of the strife caused by governments trying to impose unconstitutional mandates.

Honor your customer base. Do not try to train your employees nonsense such as "Critical Race Theory" or other "social justice warrior" garbage. We can't keep up with the instances of businesses and creative projects utterly failing because of race baiting and gender pandering. Remember what Donald Trump said: "Everything 'woke' turns to shit."


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