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New Website Changes: Social Media and Crypto News!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Hello everyone. Founder of Chainlink Productions here to provide you an update. It has been a while since you received a proper update on this website. I'll admit that progress isn't that noticeable, but progress has been made.

First you may have noticed some website change to the home page. This is to put our message front and center and clearly help visitors how they can support us.

Other changes revolve around how we will be related to our social media presence. Hiring some marketing researchers, we decided to change our social media strategy.

First we are retiring our Gab account. While we admire alternative social platforms, Gab currently does not suit the needs of Chainlink Productions in terms of the key community we plan on interacting with going forward: Comic book lovers. We also find issue with the goals of Gab's founders with their platform that we absolutely do not endorse. Chainlink Productions however will be taking presence on the following platforms:

  • Facebook

  • Minds

  • Instagram

  • Tumblr

We are still looking for alternatives if effective platforms exist. While it was a struggle deciding to return to Facebook, especially because of their censorship practices, from a business standpoint we figured it would be best to get the word out and help market our business. As for Twitter, the vitriolic nature of the platform could do more harm than good. We do plan on creating a Youtube, Odyssey, and Rumble pages as well once we start putting video content out. More to come.

Now for some uplifting news. First, with the help of some creative minded writers, a third draft is already underway for a new comicbook project! This will be a 60 Page super-hero comicbook that stars an incredible Cyber Ninja Warrior! Currently we're looking for a new artist to work on this project, and hopefully will be a valuable business partner! Feel free to send your inquiries to our email:

Website Changes: Along with our changes to our home page, we also added the ability to accept donations with crypto!

We also have a new option to donate through Crypto! You can donate Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or LiteCoin (LTC)! If our vision of returning quality entertainment to the world, and escaping from the lunacy of phony "virtue warriors," then feel free to check out our crypto-donation options below!

BTC: bc1q3sgtvu347tt2vjzsumz44h43lzqjs5j0yjc5f2

ETH: 0x6aB5ff2D1703C453D9800EBE16339248757cE3F4

LTC: ltc1quk3w96m4hu6vetrfg3f7p5jd22u2hk783fvdpe

You can also support us by shopping at our affiliate artist's RedBubble page at:

You can also purchase yourself a copy of "Shotgun Jane"!

Whether you donate, or simply read our blog, we completely and humbly appreciate your support!


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