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New Beginnings

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Welcome to Chainlink Productions! A site made for a growing network of creative people, aiming to tackle all avenues of media. We are currently seeking more artists, writers, even voice talent, music and sound artists, and animators to develop both inspiring and unique content to the world.

Growing our team, our goal is to establish a strong foothold into the realms of comics and manga, literature, and even music and animation!

To accomplish this, we vow to uphold these core values and beliefs:

· Freedom of Speech

· Quality above all

· Strive to inspire our audience

· Bring Fresh and new stories, art, and ideas into sure

· Treating our audience, and our own team, with utmost honor and respect

We are looking for creative talent to highlight their works and network with to create unique works together, as well as team up with various types of larger projects. We are also seeking site admins and media managers willing to volunteer time to help Chainlink Productions establish a presence on various social media platforms! Do note that these opportunities are currently voluntary. But as our team grows, we will strive to provide ful For more information, please check out the "Join our Team" tab at the top of the navigation menu.

We also are developing a new content platform that will be made public to all content creators! With this platform, we aim to provide the right platform to fully support creators in their ability to monetize their channels, and meet the needs of the users where other platforms have failed. As this platform is still under development, private links will be shared to those who wish to test it out. If you are interested and wish to provide feedback, please send an Email titled "Site Tester" to:

Thank you for visiting Chainlink Productions. We look forward to creating amazing visions for you!


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