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Leaving Facebook and Twitter to Free-Speech Alternatives

Chainlink Productions announces today that it will be closing down Facebook and Twitter pages as a result of their platform's censorship standards. We will be primarily located on Parler and Gab, and may be considering other network platform alternatives.

Unfortunately, platform sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been censoring content creators and people with certain political beliefs, targeted in an imbalanced measure. While Chainlink Productions believes a level of content moderation may be acceptable, the levels at which these platforms regulate the free-flow of information is ultimately inexcusable, unfair, and anti-constitutional. Hence, we will now be focusing on places such as Parler and Gab, and we will be on the lookout to other alternatives. As far as the content platform under construction, Chain-Link, development will be paused for a period of time due to limited financial capabilities and focusing on more immediately profitable ventures. Follow us on Parler: Gab: And don't forget to support our own content creator on RedBubble!


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