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Indie Comic Recommendation: Rammur

Here's a new segment where we will be showcasing promising new Indie Comics that you can go back and support! Today, we will be looking at: Rammur, by Charles Santino

First Impression: While at first glance, the cover could leave more to desire. To be honest it does feel generic on the surface. But looking in the campaign and what it offers, it does show some potential. It also includes some bonuses from his "Tales of the Police State" universe.

The author is also a good gentlemen who is active in the indie comics communities online. He carries his 35 years of experience in the industry and isn't afraid to talk to those looking to get involved in having their own comic books put out into the world.


Rammur: no man can stop him

Rammur: no woman can resist him

Rammur: no prize can daunt him.

Rammur is a master thief in a future police state. He has various cybernetic tools at his disposal to take what's his. This is a testosterone-packed comic book that features its thrills and ladies above all. While a story seems to be put on the backburner here, it does present great potential for those who want a purely fun comic book to read. Sometimes you need a mindless escape and give your brain a break.

Art: With the colors, the lines, and the overall style, the art seems to closely mirror that of Super Hero cartoons such as Justice League (2001). While it overall is a simpler form of art than some comics, it's a welcomed style that hasn't been explored enough. Looking at the style you can visualize it being on Cartoon Network.

If you're craving an action-packed, testosterone-fueled comic book, go ahead and show Charles your support. There are two weeks until the campaign ends, and we wish him great success with this fundraiser and with his future projects!

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