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Help Wanted! Comicbook Artist and Prospective Business Partner

Updated: 4 days ago

Attention all artistically talented people! We are seeking a Comicbook artist for our current project: Digitorium!

Right now, the third draft of the script is being worked on. However, to continue working on the project, we need feedback from a talented comicbook artist who will be willing to take on such a project! Also, we wish to establish a professional relationship with a business partner to help grow this company!


Luke Philmore had a lot of issues dealing with the government. First they want to tax his salary, and now it seems they’re trying to cause another war. Or something. He stumbled upon some top-secret documents during another one of his weekend hacking raids. It became his hobby years ago when he moved into a suburb with his girlfriend. Thanks to an ‘out of this world’ computer rig that Luke created, the IT worker was able to bypass any network security system in the world, and still remain completely anonymous…until one day. SWAT was called to his residence after the federal government finally caught eye. While Luke was connected to the neural network of his rig, the power was cut off, sending his body into a coma during one of his hacking attempts.

However, his consciousness was thrown into the mystical realm of cyberspace, where he discovers, highly intelligent AI that remained hidden from humanity. Offering help, one leads him to HAALON, the Hyper-Advanced Artificial Life-Form-Omnipresent Network, a secret government project housed inside Area 51. Luke and HAALON struck a deal to help each other out. In exchange of sending Luke back to his body, he has to help it escape the government’s prison. Yet, such a feat requires an extraordinary amount of skill and power.

Waking from his coma, Luke discovers the AI has granted him incredible powers. He has become a modern super hero! He has become, Digitorium!


This will be our first major production launch that will help finance future projects with ChainLink Productions, including future comics and operational projects.

The comic is estimated to be 60 pages long, averaging between 3-5 panels each. We will also be needing a cover page and promotional artwork to help set up an IndieGoGo page.

Why should you join our crew? Here's our blog post laying out our vision for this company.


If you are interested, or know anyone who's looking for an opportunity, please send a resume and a portfolio to: info@chainlinkproductions.net