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Breaching into a New Year: Making the most of a Fresh Start

Happy new years everyone! To most, a new year means a new start. But to fully acknowledge our new start, we need to understand where we came from the year before. What did I finish last year? What do I need to focus on now? What was important to me before that isn't now and vise versa? It's no use to create new years resolutions if we: 1. Don't write them down. 2. Don't create a plan. 3. Don't measure ourselves regularly.

This isn't just important to individuals, but to teams and businesses as well. To demonstrate, here are a few goals Chainlink Productions will be declaring in 2020: 1. Complete our Chain-Link content platform site

Currently, we have a rudimentary level of features on our content platform. We wish to implement more advanced features, including monetization features for our users!

2. Have the first chapter of our new comic: Black Medicine completed

Recently an artist is being screened for her performance of concept art. If all goes well, we will fully onboard her to complete this new comic book project.

3. Post a new blog once a month.

Communication is important, even if there isn't much to report on. Our business is still small and growing slowly. Yet, we still wish to provide you a level of content that will keep your brains entertained.

At Chainlink Productions, we believe in letting our audience in the loop of all the happenings going on. May 2020 bring you success!


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