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BEHOLD! Our Cyber Ninja Hero, Digitorium!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Hello loyal viewers! Today is an exciting day! We are officially announcing the development of our new Comic Book Project, Digitorium! We are working with a talented artist by the name of Marco Salenza and aiding with the help of his colorist friend! We also enlisted the talented help from Hiidra Studios for work on the cover. Check it out!

We're going to tease a few inked panels and provide more updates as they come! We're still very early on in the project, but here's our current progress:

Script (Final Draft) 32/60

Inked Pages: 6/60 Colored Pages: 1/60

Lettering: 0/60

Here's a brief snippit of the story!


Luke Philmore had a lot of issues dealing with the government. First they want to tax his salary, and now it seems they’re trying to cause another war. Or something. He stumbled upon some top-secret documents during another one of his weekend hacking raids. It became his hobby years ago when he was in college. After he moved into a suburb with his fiancé, Luke engineered a powerful computer rig, which allowed the IT worker to bypass nearly any network security system in the world, and still remain completely anonymous…until one day. SWAT was called to his residence after the federal government finally caught eye. While Luke was connected to the neural network of his computer, the power was cut off, sending his body into a coma during one of his hacking attempts.

However, his consciousness was thrown into the mystical realm of cyberspace, where he discovers, highly intelligent AI that remained hidden from humanity. Offering help, one leads him to HAALON, the Hyper-Advanced Artificial Life-Form-Omnipresent Network, a secret government project housed inside Area 51. Luke and HAALON struck a deal to help each other out. In exchange of sending Luke back to his body, he has to help it escape the government’s prison. Yet, such a feat requires an extraordinary amount of skill and power.

Waking from his coma, Luke discovers the AI has granted him

incredible powers. He has become a modern super hero! He has become, Digitorium!


As promised, here are a few snippets of Digitorium!

We will be posting more sneak peeks, panels, and full pages as we progress. You can find them on our social media platforms here: Facebook:

Instagram: @chainlinkproductions_ig

We expect this project to be completed sometime in June 2022, and we plan on launching the IndieGoGo campaign in March. This comic book will be roughly 60 colored pages, and we have some excellent bonuses planned for when the IGG campaign launches! We're excited to announce this comic book project and we hope to keep you entertained even more in the future! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, go ahead and check out Shotgun Jane, and view our associated artist's store on Redbubble!


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