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Are AIs going to Replace Artists? Perhaps the opposite, here's how.

There has been much debate regarding artificial intelligence and how it may affect the workforce. With ground breaking technology, such as the deep-learning photo generation tool Dall-E, as well as (arguably) the first sentient AI Google has created called laMDA, this technology will soon be prevalent in many aspects in our workplace. Many assume AI will threaten the global job market, especially when it comes to the creative media industry. However, perhaps AI can be a tool that not only saves time for our creative writers and artists, but can help productivity.

If AI can create stories and pictures that can compete with professionals, it would be a game-changer in the workforce. It is no secret that with the ever-expanding amount of competition of the internet and social media, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the creative content they consume. The consumer has a need, and in order to meet that demand, an online presence needs to be huge, timely and fast. There are thousands of individuals and organizations fighting for the attention of these consumers, and those willing to take up the power of AI will certainly rise to the top.

The first way AI can help productivity is by helping overcome creative blockages. When we put our creative mind to work, our brain goes into auto-pilot mode and relies on an automatic workflow process (many call it "Flow"). The problem usually comes when our creative block gets in the way of our workflow, causing stoppages, or at worse, prevents us from even getting started. Mental blocks can form from many reasons; whether it comes from depression or perfectionism, these blockages are a result of some form of mental strain that leaves pages blank, projects left unfinished, or at worse, produces a poor quality product. This technology gives us the boost we need to either get started or hurdle us into that next phase of our project; it creates something new on your behalf, which you may edit and complete the rest of the project. As a matter of fact, the completion of this article was aided with a tool called InferKit.

Another area where AI can improve productivity is by speeding up photo editing. Perhaps you've noticed your favorite YouTuber editing photos of themselves, yet you know you could take those same photos and have them look as good, if not better. This is because many YouTubers like to edit and retouch their photos, which can be time-consuming and overwhelming. As the average time it takes to edit photos for YouTube is eight to nine hours, and it is a worldwide community, many professionals are being forced to either start off with a higher level of skill or adopt AI technology in order to compete. And while all these areas AI can affect us are helpful, many still are worried about the job market. Imagine this: years from now, the biggest media companies are only a mere 10 employees. Millions of individual creators worldwide will instead use AI tools to develop their own art, writing, movies, and animated shows. We will quickly reach the point where a single aspiring creator will be able to perform the work of thousands of writers, artists, and animators, and perhaps even be of use when it comes to non-artistic decisions such as marketing and finance. We are growing our power to augment our weaknesses and bring forth new strengths which we never have ever would have imagined. Time is perhaps the single asset we are all born with, but will never get back once spent. Artificial Intelligence, as long as it is responsibly used, will become one of the biggest and most important technologies ever developed by mankind. With the power of AI, this will save us our most precious asset of time.

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